New history volume of yoga comes up short – readers may want to stick with Dahn Yoga’s personal development books

There are plenty of personal development books out there, and more are being published every day. So how is a yoga enthusiast supposed to choose one that's particularly good? Well, they could always read the New York Times book reviews, but these aren't always foolproof.

For instance, the newspaper recently reviewed William Broad's new book, The Science of Yoga, which looks at the regimen's clinical uses as well as its long and storied history.

Ultimately, the reviewer said that the book is a good exploration of the mind-body system, even if it "lacks the clarity of a book that sets out to define and defend a preconceived position."

However, one of the problems with the book itself is that it explores a range of serious but extremely rare yoga-related injuries, mostly those that beginners would incur if they took the regimen way, way too far.

So if you are thinking of taking Chicago yoga classes, but you want to know more first, try reading Dahn Yoga's personal development books instead!

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